The Origin of Hope

HLS Blink Dog - Charlene Dunn log2

Entry #5 - #8

Entry #5:
Mr. Sorrell found a strange thing attached to the drive of the ship, a metal-organic square-tube thing. In the middle of every side there was a depression, looking like an eye socket perhaps. It looks like it used to have eyes in there too. Every time I look at it it looks like kind of changing shape, almost, but not quite. Our translator recognized the structure. It is composed of metal and dried blood, the Gulchat technology! Horrible chaos tech!
Scout Middleton returned from her mission, she found a cave on a coast, a source of the creatures that attacked us last night. To prevent another attack, the Commander suggested that Ju, Cho, Rukan, Remus, and myself go to explore it further.

Entry #6:
Arriving to the entrance of the cave, there was a lot of lichen and moss growing all over the rocks. Sampled. I need to come back later to take a proper look, some of these looked like a new species I have never seen. The size of the cave entrance suggested to a natural cavity for the most of the part, with wet, natural stone. There were no limestone formations around. The air was filled with warm, rotten egg smell, indicating the source of where the creatures came from.
The path into the cave revealed tracks of the creatures coming in and out. The walls were covered with glowing lichen. Sampled. I wonder if I could extract the light creating chemical out of these. As we followed inside, the structure of the cave was more man made looking, with various improvised weapons lying around everywhere.

Try out a new distillation method according to Smith et al. to extract the lichen glow.

Entry #7:
We encountered several creatures as we continued inside. My companions are proving skilled in battle. I’m glad that they are here with me.
There was an interesting feature inside this cave-like structure, a fountain, looking like it was dedicated to some ancient god. Sampled the water. I managed to open a lock, revealing a Minotaur chest. And of course the hands creatures came with it.
The chest was dedicated to the Maiden godess of the Minotaurs. Found some strong healing potions inside, together with two strange potions, a yellow one and one green with red specks. I need to take these to the lab to analyse the contents.

Check for traps before you open any chests!

Entry #8:
It was a tough battle. They came from everywhere. Swarm of hands all over us. One hand even leaped on Cho’s face, it was not a pleasant sight. Remus, bravely charging through the creatures, managed to take out a lot of them. Also my sling proved to be handy this time.
As we started to catch our breath, there it was. A large gas lightning creature. A perfect ball shape composing of gas only. The gas atoms constantly colliding against each other keep the creature afloat. This also creates an electric charge constantly flashing all around the gas ball. Very impressive. No sample taken, unfortunately.
Remus tasted it’s power first, falling unconscious with the first stroke. Amazingly brave Ju, in an attempt to save him, swapped her place with him. She got burnt to a crisp on the spot immediately. I just met this strange elf, barely knew her, but still, a great shock fell upon me seeing her just die in front of me.
As that was not bad enough, Cho fell unconscious too. None of us were fast enough to get him back up. The creature drained all his life force out of him. I blasted flames into it as much as I could. The rest of us managed to kill the creature, but it was too late for Ju Ho and Cho. We took their bodies back to the ship and assured that they had a proper farewell service. The least we could do for our brave fellow adventurers.



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