The HLS Blink Dog


The HLS Blink Dog is a 10-gun brig-sloop of Her Lady’s Navy. She is a combination of Gnomish mechanical and magical skill, which gives her the ability to fly as well as her blink ability.

The figurehead of the HLS Blink Dog is in the same of the magical creature that she gets her name from, a figurehead that has been shown to be able to come alive and counter the effects of Dragon fear when ridden by the Ship’s Lady.

Below is a sketch of the HLS Blink Dog, made by Charlene the gnome naturalist assigned to the ship.



The HLS Blink Dog is a Gnomish flying ship and flagship of the Southern arm of the great Eastern Exploratory fleet. It is a sister ship to the HLS Dire Wolf, however, shortly after the exploratory fleet left the port at Plainsgate they were attacked by the Dragon Overlord Farod and the HLS Dire Wolf was lost, due to the actions of the commander of the HLS Displacer Beast, the flagship of the whole Exploratory fleet.

In the ensuing chaos the HLS Blink Dog, at the last possible moment, activated her Blink Drive just as the mechanical tenacles of the HLS Displacer Beast swung the ship into the lightening of Farod. This combination of actions seems to have thrown the ship half way across the world, where it now sits in a strange harbor, damaged but still afloat.

The commander of the HLS Blink Dog is Commander FitzRoy.

The HLS Blink Dog

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