Commander (Rebecca) FitzRoy


Commander FitzRoy is usually dressed in the gold and silver uniform of a commander in Her Lady’s Navy. She is in her early 30’s and has flaming red hair that is tied back by smoldering black iron bands, revealing her polished black onyx horns. When free of the bands her hair flows upwards like a wild fire.

She is known to carry a flaming mace, a heirloom of her family.


Commander FitzRoy is the commander of the HLS Blink Dog. She is an infernal tiefling, and is a no nonsense woman known for her ability to act quickly in high pressure situations and her direct, if somewhat independent, command style.

The FitzRoy’s are a Navy family, dating back generations. The sea, and military service, is in their blood. Her Grandfather was grand admiral of her Lady’s Fleet.

Although her father never rose higher than Commander, Rebecca and her brother Richard, are prodigies, already reaching the rank of Commander and being assigned the command of the Southern and Northern branches of the great Easter Exploratory fleet.

Commander (Rebecca) FitzRoy

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