Archmage Sian


Archmage Sian appears as a humanoid figure in long midnight blue robes carrying a long staff of blackened and burnt wood. His hands are gloved and his hood always up and face hidden in pure blackness.


He is rumored to be Abandoned, Dark Eldarin, or Half-Elven and appeared in the Anar around 50 years ago, raising his tower in a single night and then presenting himself to the court. He and his apprentices have been strong defenders of Anar, but he is widely mistrusted.

The Archmage is openly antagonistic to the Church of Light, which returns the feeling. Many whispers say he follows an old lost God, but just as many say he follows the Dark.

It is also said to be the last of a group of adventurers who challenged the Dragons early on in their rein. However the adventurers were betrayed and defeated. Betrayed by who, and how, is unknown but Sian is said to be the only one to have made it out alive.

Mostly recently he has gone missing. His disappearance seems to have coincided with an explosion of massive size in Kursk’s camp, and the cessation of teleportation attacks on the city (along with the removal of the anti-telportation shield around the city).

Archmage Sian

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