The Origin of Hope

Journal of the Drunken Elf

I found myself after another bounty; some lowlife that had made the wrong enemy one way or another – doesn’t matter, just as long as the pay day keeps me going for another month or two. I had nearly cornered him in this small town in the middle of nowhere when Kursk’s horde attacked. It took everything in me not to stay and fight for what they had done to my family, but they were too many and there was no chance for revenge. I have spent the past several weeks traveling with a group of refugees – no sign of my bounty. Not that I had much choice, there was no where else to run with Kursk’s forces hunting us.

The local cleric and some noble-looking elf seemed to be running the show, fine by me as long as we make it out of this mess. The elf speaks the dragon’s tongue, which makes me wonder why someone with a high born status like herself would care to dabble in such things, but could prove to be a useful ally as we share multiple languages.

A new challenge arose as we reached an abandoned fishing village today. Not only had we run out of room to run, but the village was completely empty. It was an eerie feeling as if the entire population had just vanished into thin air. I knew in my heart Kursk had something to do with this, I can only hope that his forces are still far enough behind us. This feeling quickly changed to imminent danger as some sort of flying ship fell out of the sky and appeared before us. I have no idea of what kind of magics could be responsible for such a sight. Not only that, but it looked as if it had done battle with some sort of metal sea creature – it had a giant metal tentacle pierced through it’s hull. As several figures emerged, I readied my bow and prepared for the worst Kursk could throw at me.

As it turned out, the unexpected arrival were actually military forces from across the sea. A military commander, a cleric, and some sort of translator were on the front end explaining that they would help the refugees with the current situation, but I still don’t know the real reason they are here and am wary of their intentions. I did not speak the language that they were using half of the time, but I could tell they were no different than the highborns of Anar. They spoke down to us from the moment they arrived, and I do not believe for a second they have our interests at heart. That being said, they helped distribute some food we had found among the people, of course making sure they got their “fair share” as well. With a full belly and a dark night, it was time I emptied a drink and got some much needed rest.



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