The Origin of Hope

Journal of Rukan

I woke up to screams.

At first I thought it could have just been some bad rice wine, but it quickly became apparent that I was under attack. It seemed as though Kursk’s horde had some how flanked around the entrance and attacked. The screams were coming from the ship and it looked like others were already on there way up the tentacle. I followed rather nimble gnome up towards the ship. Once I arrived on the deck of the boat, I could barely understand what I was seeing. The ship’s crew was under attack by disembodied hands. I immediately drew my swords and attacked, they were not very strong, but they were quick and I did not want to see what they would do if they caught me. The translator showed some of his true abilities and swatted down many of them using spells that whipped right past me. While this makes me even more wary of the new visitors, it was nice to have some help in the fight. Juhuo and Cho couldn’t even make it up the tentacle, I doubt they would have the quickness to deal with the hands.

Just when it seemed that everything was winding down, I met the hands’ owners. Zombies summoned from some dark magics attacked the survivors back on the beach. It seemed as though everyone (except that nimble gnome) could not make it back to the beach fast enough using that slippery tentacle. We were not fast enough and many of the refugees had died. Tonight I will sleep on the boat and hope that we are not attacked again. I’m not sure where I am to go from here, but it seems as though my luck is running out on this adventure.



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