The Origin of Hope

HLS Blink Dog - Charlene Dunn log

Entry#: 1-4

Entry #1:
On board of the HLS Blink Dog as part of the fleet of 11 ships of Her Lady’s Navy Eastern Exploratory fleet. We set sail from Plainsgate to the East. My task is to map the natural and, perhaps, also unnatural riches of the East. Everyone on the ship is keeping up with their duties.

Entry #2:
There was a storm. Very unusual, did not resemble any natural formation reported in books so far. On occasion, I could see dark shapes floating behind the static clouds. I could not distinguish if it was the effect of the weather or not, had to hide under the life boat to be able to take notes. It was Farod. As reported in books, blue tainted brass scales, huge dragon.

Farod chased us, the HLS Displacer Beast was in his reach when its commander threw the HLS Dire Wolf between them and Farod. The HLS Dire Wolf fell, took all its crew and the Commander Richard FitzRoy with it. There was a lot of lightning, and everything went white. We teleported somewhere far away.

The Blink Dog suffered quite some damage. The Extinguish Fire cantrip was useful in getting the fire spread under control. It will take some time to repair it into reasonable state though. There is even a mechanical tentacle hanging from the side of the ship.

We arrived into some kind of coastal area with a settlement that looks like a fishing village. The birds don’t look like anything familiar to me. It is impressive that we just landed on the East coast. According to the books, it should take several months to get anywhere close to the sight of the East coast. There is some movement around on the beach. It looks like a group of people, a lot of wounded and dead. Good that we have a translator on the Blink Dog, he might be useful in this situation.

It is a good practice to tie oneself with a rope to a stable part of the ship when in a storm.

Entry #3:
We arrived on the East coast. The people on shore speak the Eastern and the landscape with plants and animals are very different from what I have ever seen. The Commander FitzRoy and the Reverend Matthews have the situation under control and are helping the wounded. Some people keep talking to me funny. Weird.

An unusual amount of seaweed covers the beach. Maybe a seasonal pattern of the region? At times it grows in clumps resembling humanoid shapes, or covers the houses quite far from the sea. These plants do not look dangerous though. Possible two species, of land and sea origin. Perhaps sister clade? Took some samples of seaweed reproductive pods and leaves.

Beetles living on the beach are fascinating! The colours not yet observed anywhere in the West. Very active at night. Interesting behaviour, rolling a ball of glued sand around everywhere it goes. Sampled.

Research more on cultural habits of the Eastern fishing settlements.

Entry #4:
Woke up to the screams from the Blink Dog. We got attacked in the middle of the night. The clumps of seaweed observed earlier were alive and very dangerous. The claw like creatures crawled all over the Blink Dog. The cross section of the creature revealed a humanoid hand with a seaweed top layer. Claws are the reproductive pods, sharp ends facing outwards. Upon connection with a soft tissue the tip of the reproductive pod breaks and spores are deposited into the wound where a new seaweed anchors with a hook like structures. Mr Bino had a difficult time cleaning the spores out of the wounds, although the clerical healing seemed to have an easier time dealing with these. Sampled.

Skeletons missing their hands, covered in seaweed, became alive as well. My toy dragon was not a distraction for them, they did not even react to the loud sounds it makes. Seem to act on instincts only. Managed to take a sample of the ash of one creature just as it desintegrated in front of me. Should have enough samples to perform some testing in the lab.

A lot of people died that night. Our translator expressed an impressive amount of battle readiness. After he almost fell out of the ship during the storm, this was unexpected. The paladin from the East was playing a drowning flashlight instead, for the most of the attack. The elven ranger showed some water related skills comparable with dolphins. Possible ancestral trait? I should try to get a sample from him to confirm my theory in the lab.
I almost died that night. The cleric of the East helped me to stay alive and healed my wounds.

Research more on the effects of moons and night temperatures on seaweed activity.
Should probably start learning some Eastern, these people keep talking to me and acting weird.
Research cultural aspects of the East.
Don’t rush to the battle next time!



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