The West

Capital: Deepford
Dragon Overlord: The Lady
Ruler: The Lady (day to day rule handled via the Theorcatic Parliament)
Dominant Religion: Church of The Lady.
Dominant Race(s): Infernal Tieflings make up the majority of the upper class, Gnomes are the majority of the middle/merchant class, and Humans make up most of the working class and the poor. The lowest of the low (which is very low) are the abyssal Tieflings. Even the Steamforged, who are mechanical constructs that often serve in the military and police are treated with more regard than abyssal Tieflings. The humans have white to pink skin tones and tend to be of average hight or shorter. Gnomes have similar skin tones, although ranging more towards beige at times. Tieflings are unpredictable, as their parentage dictates, although amongst the ruling classes very pale to skin with shades of green is currently in vogue.
Geography: Industry, civilization, manors, and slums.

English (not British), with English names dominant. Class is important as is knowing your place within it. The history and the power of the West is a point of pride for even the lower classes. The West, and all things western, are the best. Technology is progress and who you know and who you associate with is all important. Years of living in a police state has also fostered a feeling of distrust, magnifying that that already existed across class lines. Everyone is out to get everyone, because you are certainly out to get yours.

The West has, comparatively speaking had it easy. Sure their nobles sold their souls and their bloodlines to creatures from the lower planes. But they have always been the aggressors. While the East suffered the burden of invasion (from the West) and fallen Empires the progression of, well, progress has been relatively steady in the West.

It may have come at the cost of invasions and noble scheming (including rebelling against their own demonic masters), but such is the price for imperialism. Without the burden of massive rebuilding (and thanks to a well planned rebellion not having any blame for the invasion) technology has flourished in the West, thanks in large part to the efforts of gnome artisans.

This has been even more the case since the arrival of The Lady, which sparked a relatively bloodless (by Tiefling noble standards) take over of the state and establishment of her church. A church that happens to have many Western values as its core tenants.

As disaster and loss has engulfed the rest of the world, the West has only grown stronger. Now it looks outside of itself once again, although within its borders rebels grow increasingly bold as the dragonic form of The Lady has not been seen within the borders of the West for a decade now…

The West

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