The New Sea

Capital: None
Dragon Overlord: Farod
Ruler: None
Dominant Religion: None
Dominant Race(s): Halflings and humans. Both tend to have black to beige skin tones and tend towards the extremes of their race’s hight and weight ranges.
Geography: Open seas, tropical islands, earth nodes, and elemental chaos.

Northern African to Middle Eastern in flavor, with names trending more towards a Persian type. The nomads, human and halfling, who used to roam the inner plains and deserts of the world have adapted (with some issues) to life in the new sea. Some have settled down on earth modes or islands, but most have continued the nomatic way of life. Flowing clothing is preferred, but changes have been made to reflect the risks of a seaborn life, with sailors working the deck avoiding clothes that could become stuck in ropes and rigging.

The people of the central plains and deserts were largely ignored by the world. A situation that the nomads there were happy with. Occasionally armies from the East or West would clash in the plains, but the harsh realities of survival often kept them out. As such, rumors of the exotic central plains and the lost civilizations of the desert remained just that, rumors.

When the dragonfall occurred the loss of life on in what is now the New Sea was uncountable. Where desert and plains once stretched, now there was nothing but undrinkable salt water. The people quickly adapted to this new desert, or died. For some that adaption meant piracy, for others trade and fisheries (very useful for the pirates).

Farod, the dragon overlord of the New Sea, is not a ruler of the region, but rather a force of nature. He and his pirate fleet appear, seemingly at random, attack and then disappear. Sometimes they wipe out whole communities, sometimes they do nothing but sow terror and drink a village dry.

The New Sea

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