The Light Wall

A magical aura emanating from the Pavilion of Light in Anar. While within this aura true evil cannot survive. The Light Wall (commonly just called “the Wall”) is recorded as first occurring near the end of the Final War, where it spread out across the East, destroying and forcing back many of the dark host assailing the region during that time. The existence of the Light Wall is also why the faith of The Light has grown to be so dominant in the East.

Lesser Evils, and Evil acts may still occur past the Wall (as the common folk call being under the influence of the aura). However even then those who only harbor lesser evils in their hearts are made to feel uncomfortable at times, as if being watched.

Goblins in particular have been known to be able to stand being past the Wall – at least for short periods of time. Thus why they feature heavily in Kursk’s armies. Thankfully Anar has more than just the Wall to protect it’s citizens.

The existence of the Wall is part of the reason why the Empire of Light prospered so before the Dragon Fall. It has also lead to the people of the East being quite accepting of a wide range of people, especially in Anar. After all if they Wall hasn’t judged them, why should they?

The Light Wall

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