The East

Capital: Anar
Dragon Overlord: Kursk
Ruler (as long as the Light Wall holds): Hulin the blessed
Dominant Religion: The Light
Dominant Race(s): Kursks forces are Humanoids (Goblins, Orcs, etc). The Empire of Light is dominated by humans who tend to have golden complexions and almond shaped eyes.
Geography: Wild places and ancient ruins.

A mix of Japanese and Chinese cultural values, where Japanese type names are common. Honor and “face” are important. The culture in general is quite open and xenophilic (although the Abandoned are still distrusted). Shaped by living under the Light Wall for so long (where those with true evil in their hearts could not survive). Belief in the Light is a matter of fact, although cracks are starting to show. Due to the history of the Minotaur empire puzzle-like games (particularly those involving mazes) are popular. Clothing is also often decorated in puzzle/maze like patterns, but also usually invokes the idea of Light and life (e.g. sunbursts, flowers, birds, etc).

The East used to be the home of the Eldarin, a wild and glorious place where wonder and magic was common. However, when the Eldarin fled from the world – leaving the Abandoned behind – the Minotaur empire arose. These Dark worshiping Minotaur enslaved the Abandoned and local human tribes and built their labyrinths amongst the cities abandoned by the Eldarin. However, the Minotaur Empire did not last. Due to a blood curse and the actions of the humans of the cult of Light it fell apart.

The human led Empire of Light rose in its place in a reaction to an invasion from the West, an invasion of Gideon Gough, a tiefling mage king, and an army of demons. A long war resulted in victory for the forces of Light, aided by the dwarves, the rebellion of the tiefling nobles in the West, and by the heroes of the light.

More significantly, the Light Wall rose to cover the East. Banishing evil (of the greater type). This allowed the East to start to rebuild from the damage inflicted by the infernal invasion and reclaim some of the wild places. When the Dragons returned and wrecked devastation on the rest of the world the East was safe (some would say in hiding) behind the Light Wall. For a while it looked like the East would be a safe haven from the Dragons. But then, slowly (and unknown for some time), the Light Wall began to retreat and with it came Kursk and his humanoid hoard.

Now, only the old city of Anar stands, and Kursk himself prowls amongst the Horde camped outside the walls in the wreckage of the new city.

The East

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