The Burning Lands

Capital: None
Dragon Overlord: Daros
Ruler: Daros
Dominant Religion: The Dark
Dominant Race(s): Dragonspawn, kobolds and other dragonic beings.
Geography: Devastated mountain ranges of burning lava.

The culture of the Burning Lands is largely unknown. Whispers of cults of Daros swirl around the world and kobolds with the mark of the red hand have been seen in the most unlikely locations.

Rumors about hold out dwarven strongholds or fire and earth Genasi settlements also occasionally circulate. But most dismiss at least the dwarven rumors as nothing but wishful thinking.

Before the dragonfall the Burning Lands were the homelands of the Dwarvish people. A strong, yet isolationist, society that rarely involved itself in the outside world after the titan war. It was even more remarkable then when the dwarves joined with the East against the cult of the Dark in the West.

This rare break from the isolationism cost the Dwarves dearly and they lost many Dwarf homes to the Western forces including the the great Vault of Iron, which was converted by the forces of the West into the Cathedral of the dark.

After the conclusion of the war the Dwarven nation was split. The factions that opposed the war (the Nerak Dwarves) pushed for renewed isolation and after the losses of the war had strong political and popular support. However, the minority that had fought alongside the forces of the East and West (the Aarak Dwarves) had seen what the world had to offer and moved themselves and their families out of the ancestral homes and out into the world.

It was these Aarak dwarves, and their decedents, who were the only ones spared when the dragonfall came and tore the mountains of the dwarven homes apart with fire and larva. Now the dwarves are a greatly diminished race, their ancestral homelands transformed into the deadly Burning Lands.

The Burning Lands

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