Huiwon River

The Huiwon river is a major trade river that heads towards Anar.

The refugees fleeing Qingmen met with the remains of the 7th Legion, who were also heading to Anar. However, at a bridge across the Huiwon the 7th and the Qingmen refugees were ambushed by Kurskish Orcs.

In a desperate attempt to save the remaining refugees, the Centurion of the 7th legion (and adopted father of Ju’Huo) ordered the refugees to retreat and then his battle-mage detonated her staff. Killing all those on the bridge and blowing up the bridge itself in a whirlwind of wild magic.

Unfortunately, now twisted by the wild magic of the explosion the Orcs continued their pursuit. Their Chieftain is now a hulking wild magic twisted monstrosity resembling a cross between an Orc, a Rhino, and a flowerbed.

Huiwon River

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