House Rules

The following house rules apply to this campaign:

Adventure Logging
Between adventures you are encouraged to log into this blog and write a summary of the last adventure from your characters view point (see here for examples from my last campaign – they don’t have to be long or works of literary art).

This is not required, and does not have to be long, but it helps build a history for the campaign and as such I will be rewarding players who do it with an inspiration point at the start of the next adventure session. If the whole party does it then the whole party will receive an XP boost in the next adventure.

Cinematic Action
While the game may deal with serious ideas and situations, the tone is one of cinematic action. As such, if your character wants surf down the stairs of castle while shooting arrows at the invading orcs below I won’t penalize you. In fact, if you what you are describing is cool, I will give you a bonus.

Background Checks and Inspiration
I will be using the inspiration rules, particularly related to your characters flaws and negative background traits. If you make the game more interesting by complicating things for yourself then you will get inspiration. To help encourage this, I reserve the right (if needed) to ask for a background check role in situations where your flaw could come into play.

This will be a flat DC 15 check, and I will only ask for it in situations where I feel your character is (without good reason) not acting in character (so hopefully never!). Failed background checks mean you have to give in to your flaw – but get no inspiration for it.

Buy In
You may be used to the DM always coming up with reasons for why your character should care about situations and you just passively going along with this. I will be trying to create situations relevant for each character. However, I also expect you all to buy in and come up with reasons why your own character would be involved – that mysterious women you just saw? She reminds you of your sister. The dodgy merchant? You owe her money. At times I may even explicitly make a buy in call where you are expected to explain why a situation is relevant to your character. We are telling a cooperative story. Help make it an interesting an relevant one!

The hit point metaphor and being “bloodied”
Hit points are an abstraction. As such, one of the concepts I liked from 4th Edition DnD was the idea of being “bloodied”. That is to say that before half your hit points successful attacks on you were just wearing you down, not actually drawing blood. After half hit points is were hits begin to land for sure and blood begins to flow. “Bloodied”, in 5th Edition, has no mechanical impact and I am using it purely as an visual guide – if an enemy or ally is is bleeding, they are below half health.

House Rules

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