Sgt (Goddard) Beazeley


A compact rolling ball of muscle, Sgt Beazeley is rumored to have dwarf somewhere in his family tree (although not anywhere where he can hear you). As a forest gnome he is a rare sight in her Lady’s Navy with his tribal tattoos.

However he wears the uniform of the marines proudly and is loyal to his fellow marines. The only non-standard thing about his otherwise completely regulation dress is his choice of weapon, a deep gnome battle pick.


Sgt Beazeley doesn’t bluster, he doesn’t shout, he speaks with certainty and is heard. He is known for using his racial illusion ability to illustrate battle plans. He hand picked the marines on board, with the exception of Mr Bute, and has a reputation for following regulations by the book.

He is also known to have long conversations with seagulls in his R&R time.

Sgt (Goddard) Beazeley

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