Reverend (Boswell) Matthews


Reverend Matthew’s blood red skin, horns, and cloven hooves contrast brightly with the black and silver vestments of the Church of Her Lady. The holy symbol of a silver dragon covered in emerald scales around his neck confirms his occupation as the missionary on board the HLS Blink Dog.

He has an easy smile and is well spoken, and is even polite to those he considers below him. Making sure to speak in slow, easy to understand, sentences.

He speaks Eastern common with a clear Western accent, but is still understandable.


Reverend Matthews, after the arrival in the East, has been one of the main contacts between the crew of the HLS Blink Dog and the Eastern Refugees. While caring for their wounded he has been spreading the parables of Her Lady, explaining how the Light Wall was always a false safety, an oppression of free will, and how the West has flourished with out it.

He has backed up his words with healing magic and care.

Reverend (Boswell) Matthews

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