Masami is in her early 40’s but the weight of years and recent events has weighed heavily on her. She dresses in simple, eastern, hide armor and carries a short bow with a broken string.


A hunter, she and her son Souta came to the village of Qingmen over a decade ago. She quickly proved herself a valuable hunter and trapper for the village and nobody questioned where the father of the infant that she carried with her when she arrived was.

Since fleeing Qingmen, Masami has been one of the reasons the refugees survived as her hunting skilled kept many fed. However, she is tired, and almost gave up when her last bow string broke – until she was convinced to keep going due to her duty to Souta.

Masami was injured in the arrival of the HLS Blink Dog, and is currently being looked after by Reverend Matthews and Souta.


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