Hulin the Blessed, Emperor of the Light


A human of middle age, typically seen wearing long silken robes embodied with golden cranes (his personal symbol), and the sunburst symbol of both the Empire and the Church of Light. He usually carries a golden sceptre, topped again with the sunburst of the Empire and a glass orb that glows softly with multi-coloured light – both signs of his office. On his head rests a fine crown of mitheral, which resembles rays of light creating the impression of a halo around his head. His skin is covered in colorful a swirling tattoo similar to that on the armor of the Emperors guard.


The current Emperor of the West he has presided over a empire that has been losing hope, and territory, as the Light Wall retreats and Kursk’s forces advance. If the wall falls he may be the last Emperor of light.

Hulin the Blessed, Emperor of the Light

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