Augustus Earle


In his early twenties Augustus has the look of a farm boy, a look that contrasts with the sketch book and charcoal constantly in his hands. He dresses in simple clothes, and carries his painting supplies with him wherever he goes (if he can).

One item of clothing does look out of place though, a bright green silk scarf that he wears around his neck.


A rural lad, Augustus moved to Plainsgate to pursue his dream of being an artist (a dream his dairy family family did not support). In Plainsgate he quickly gained several patrons due to his talent, patrons who helped him get assigned to the HLS Blink Dog even though he had no experience at sea (and cannot swim).

Unfortunately as soon as the HLS Blink Dog set out he became violently sea sick and has been unable to do much of anything, let alone draw or paint, despite the exciting activity.

Augustus Earle

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